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Based in France in the high-tech Grenoble area, Vi TECHNOLOGY is a global pioneer in 3D AOI and SPI systems, that has been delivering world-class solutions since the mid-90’s. Its products are operated by leading manufacturers of aerospace, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics, thriving to deliver the highest quality standard at any mix and any volume. Vi TECHNOLOGY’s inspection solutions offer a uniquely integrated, flexible and scalable architecture.

K3D, our family of 3D AOI systems, is the result of advanced mechatronics and optical design, combined with the latest generation of machine learning algorithms. This combination of ultra-high hardware precision and real-time software intelligence gives the system an exceptional level of performance: with its outstanding inspection accuracy and repeatability, it makes is possible to achieve an amazing FPY close to 99%.Vi TECHNOLOGY K series 3D AOI.png
Pi, our range of 3D SPI solutions, is unique in the industry for its ease and speed of programming and inspection performance. Multiple award-winner, used by leading global customers as well as by demanding regional EMSs looking for zero defect, this equipment remains unparalleled on the market.

Vi TECHNOLOGY PI series 3D SPI.png

 The Sigma Link software suite is an original offer allowing implementation of the first bricks of Industry 4.0. Sigma not only gathers inspection data from all Pi SPI and K3D AOI operating along the line, but it also correlates them dynamically in real time to point out any process misalignment. With this powerful tool, Line Managers can accurately adjust tolerances to optimize line’s uptime and first pass yield. And with its advanced drill-down feature, you can now easily investigate and find the root cause of any defect detected by your inspection equipment, down to the program #, part # or time of production. With Sigma Link, your SMT process holds no secret for you.

 Vi TECHNOLOGY Sigma Line.jpg

As Vi TECHNOLOGY is a member of the Mycronic Group, its range of inspection equipment ideally complement the Mycronic Full Line Solution and Mycronic 4.0 intelligent factory.

Daten und Kontakte
+33 476 758565
+33 476 7505919
1254, as of Dec. 31, 2018 (MYCRONIC Group)
2018 net sales: 360M€ (MYCRONIC Group)
Rue de Rochepleine
38120 Saint-Egrève
3D AOI3D Inspektion3D SPIAOI Automatische optische InspektionIndustrie 4.0 / Industry 4.0Prozessüberwachung / Process ControlSPI Lotpasteninspektion
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