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GÖPEL electronic GmbH

GÖPEL electronic GmbH

The goal of GÖPEL electronic is to support discerning customers in keeping their quality promises. The advanced test and inspection systems for electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards find manufacturing faults at every stage of the product life cycle - from design to end-of-line. The aim is an excellent end product in order to avoid expensive complaints or even recalls that damage the reputation of the customer. The test and inspection systems are used in all industries related to electronics, but mainly in the automotive and medical technology, aerospace and industrial electronics sectors. All systems and technologies are developed and manufactured at the main site in Jena. The "Made in Germany" seal goes beyond national borders: GÖPEL electronic also runs several support and service offices in Germany, UK, USA, Hong Kong and India and has a global service and distribution network.

The Inspection Solutions Division was the result of the company's roots in the former optics capital of Jena. Access to expertise and technology opened the door for exceptional quality assurance in the electronics manufacturing process. With technical progress as the driving force, the company is able to offer customers the fastest test speeds, a great depth of testing and quality assurance in all dimensions. The Inspection Solutions reveal manufacturing defects during production, for example faulty solder joints, wrong polarities, incorrectly positioned and defective components. The systems can be used at different stages in the production process (e.g. before and after soldering, as inline or stand-alone systems). The inspection solutions by GÖPEL electronic are made up of the following areas: Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI), Automated Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Industrial Vision Solutions (IVS).


3D AOI Systems from GÖPEL electronic: Vario Line · 3D (inline system), Basic Line · 3D (stand-alone system)

The flagship for automatic optical 3D inspection of SMD assemblies is the Vario · Line 3D. This flexible system combines maximum fault detection, customer-specificity and cost-effectiveness. It combines 2D and 3D inspection. With four oblique view cameras, an inspection in 360 1-degree-steps is also possible. For maximum inspection speed, an axis system based on linear drives has been integrated. It impresses with its outstanding dynamics and maximum positioning speed.

To make it even more economical to use, GÖPEL electronic has developed the MagicClick tool for the PILOT AOI system software. This enables test programs using 3D AOI to be created and optimized automatically. A production-grade test program can be created in just a few minutes, complete with component library, without any library entries whatsoever. The parameters are also adjusted completely automatically, even taking into consideration actual process variations. At most only small manual adjustments are necessary afterwards. The aim of MagicClick is to enable efficient use of AOI, right from the second assembly.


The GÖPEL electronic 3D AOI systems offer multispectral and multidirectional illumination

This is possible when used in combination with the AOI systems Vario Line · 3D or Basic Line · 3D. What sets it apart is the 3D · ViewZ camera module, which combines various measurement and inspection technologies for maximum error detection. In addition to the 3D measurement based on structured light, the module also include cameras for angled-view inspection.


The 3D AOI system has flexible data interfaces allowing MES and traceability connections

In addition to systems for 3D SMD inspection, GÖPEL electronic also offers inspection systems for THT components and solder joints. For example, the THT Line can inspect assemblies from both sides. The MultiCam Line is a wear- and maintenance-free inline AOI system for use in the smallest of spaces. Numerous cameras are arranged in a matrix-like layout and operate without axis movement. This makes the system particularly fast. Furthermore, GÖPEL electronic offers numerous integration possibilities of camera modules for selective soldering systems.

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